Welcome to US White Tiger Martial Arts

On behalf of our students, staff, families and master instructors we would like to welcome and thank you for visiting the site of White Tiger Martial Arts and home of Olympic gold medalist Nan Yool Choo. 

At White Tiger, we take great pride in helping our students achieve great momentum and preparation for life experiences through taekwondo. As the only certified USA Taekwondo Association member and registered affiliate in the Little Elm and Frisco, Texas region we believe that through very focused individual methods of teaching we can help students, at any level, achieve their goals and aspire to set new ones.

Our students are our family and like every family we want them to succeed. But, success is defined very differently by each person. Our master instructors strive and commit to continuously:

 * Provide the highest level and quality of martial arts instruction
 * Empower students to realize their personal value and help them to make the right choices
 * Contribute to a safe and peaceful community

At White Tiger kids are able to reach new heights and awareness, families grow together and all students gain a healthy body and constant peace of mind.

From all of us at White Tiger Martial Arts we look forward to meeting, showing you our environment for learning and joining our family.

White Tiger! White Tiger! White Tiger!
                                                                             Love, Master Lee and Master Choo

Spirit of US White Tiger Martial Arts

Sir, I will practice in the spirit of martial arts with courtesy for my fellow students, loyalty for my master and respect for all people.

I shall live with perseverance in the spirit of martial arts.

Having honor for others, integrity with myself, self-control in my actions and indomitable spirit to finish what I have started.

To reach new goals and start new ones...Sir!



Message from the Masters

The 5 Tenets of Taekwondo

(ye ui)

(yom chi)

(in nae)

(guk ki)

Indomitable Spirit
(backjul bulgul)